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DIY TIPS- Pressure Washing

There are lots of pressure washing tools you can buy or rent if you are a DIY kind of person. If you have the time and basic skills to operate the equipment properly, you can save yourself the money and keep your property looking clean and fresh. If you do decide to do it yourself, here are a few pressure washing tips to keep in mind.

Pressure washing tips
Pick the right tools

PSI is important, but you also want to look at water flow in gallons per minute. A 5 GPM machine with 3,700 PSI will clean better than a 4 GPM machine at 4,000 PSI.

It’s also good to make sure the washer can dispense cleaning product as well as water. You can clean any surface faster with the right amount of chemicals. It’s important to follow the directions. Too much chemicals can kill shrubbery. Here’s a basic guide to use when picking a pressure washer.

Safety first

A pressure washer has a tremendous amount of pressure and can cause serious injury. They can take the paint off the side of a house and the skin off of your body. It’s recommended to wear gloves, boots and long sleeved shirts for protection. Pay careful attention to the direction of the nozzle so not to damage anything or anyone.

Protect your property

This is a continuation of the safety tip. It’s a good idea to cover you cars and plants with plastic during the pressure washing process. At the very least gently rinse them thoroughly afterwards. This will remove potentially harmful chemicals that can cause damage.

Know the limits of the machine

In some cases, stains will not come out, no matter how hard you try. Oil stains on driveways are a good example. If you keep trying, you could damage the surface.

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